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STUDY MBBS IN Russian Federation

Once you have selected the country to study MBBS in Abroad, the next step is to choose the right medical university. MBBS abroad provides unlimited options and opportunities to its pursuers. Here are some of the tips that would guide you better in selecting the best medical university to study MBBS in Russian Federation



Russia also officially known as the Russian Federation is a federal semi-presidential republic. It is the largest country in the world and covering more than one-eighth of the Earth’s inhabited land area. Extending across the entirety of northern Asia and much of Eastern Europe. Furthermore, Russia spans eleven time zones and incorporates a wide range of environments and landforms. And also its economy ranks as the twelfth largest by nominal GDP and sixth largest by purchasing power parity in 2015. Russia’s extensive mineral and energy resources, the largest reserves in the world, have made it one of the largest producers of oil and natural gas globally. Russia maintains strong and positive relations with other BRIC countries and almost all other Eurasian countries. Most noteworthy, India is the largest customer of Russia’s military equipment and the two countries share extensive defense and strategic relations.

Students from India have been studying for decades & the Medical Education has developed through ages a lot. Hundreds of Boys and Girls from different states of India viz. Gujarat, Rajasthan, Haryana, Bihar, New-Delhi, Hyderabad, Kerala and others completed from Russia. Also, it has a wide heritage of over 50 years educating medics.

List of Affiliate Member Universities of Medquestt in Russia for MBBS/MD/MS Program:

  • Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, Moscow
  • Irkutsk State Medical University, Irkutsk
  • Kursk State Medical University, Kursk
  • Ufa State Medical University, Ufa
  • Siberian State Medical University, Tomsk
  • Izhvesk State Medical University, Izhvesk
  • Kuban State Medical University, Krasnodar
  • Altai State Medical University, Barnaul
  • Bashkir State Medical University, Ufa
  • Novosibirsk State Medical University, Novosibirsk
  • Kazan State Medical University, Kazan
  • Crimea Federal University, Simferopol
  • Mari State Medical University, Yoshkar-Ola
  • Orenburg State Medical University, Orenburg
  • Perm State Medical University, Perm
  • Smolensk State Medical University, Smolensk
  • Dagestan State Medical University, Dagestan Republic
  • Chechen State University, Grozhny
  • Ryazan State Medical University, Ryazan
  • Saint Petersburg State Paediatric Medical University, St. Petersburg
  • Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University (RNRMU), Moscow
  • Sechenov University (First Moscow State Medical University), Moscow
  • Voronezh State Medical University named after N. N.Burdenko, Voronezh
  • I. S. Turgenev Orel State University, Oryol
  • Northern State Medical University, Arkhangel’sk
  • Tyumen State University, Tyumen
  • Ulyanovsk State Medical University, Ulyanovsk
  • Stavropol State Medical University, Stavropol
  • Rostov State Medical University, Rostov
  • Pskov State Medical University, Pskov
  • Syktyvkar State Medical University, Komi Republic
  • Omsk State Medical University, Omsk
  • Kirov State Medical University, Kirov
  • Volgograd State Medical University, Volgograd

Russia has become increasingly popular destination for medical studies (MBBS) amongst international students due to its global standards of education and low fee costs. Many good medical colleges have come in Russia. The fees for studying MBBS in Russia would cost you approximately the same as what it would here in India. Also, Russian Government subsidies Medical education in Russia as almost 60 -70%.

Compared to western countries, the tuition fees for MBBS in Russia medical colleges comparatively lower than many other European countries. Also, Average cost of studying MBBS in Russia is approximately 4000 US dollars per year. In addition, No donations are to be paid.

Most Noteworthy, out of the 100 top worlds ranking colleges, concerning thirty positions are occupied by the Russian medical Universities in World Ranking and also the country has a number of the best medical Universities. However, the important difference is – There is no capitations fees / donations and easy admission process for MBBS in Russia due to which the country is hot destination for Medical Study Abroad.

Timezone: +2 to +12 UTC

Official Language: Russian

Climate: +25 in Summers & upto -20 in Winters

Currency: Russian Ruble

Lifestyle: European

Religious views: Liberal