Study MBBS Abroad

MBBS in abroad for Indian students in an MCI approved university at Cheap/ low-cost fees structure with affordable options such as MBBS in Europe / USA is available from Rs. 9 to 60 Lakh! To Study MBBS Abroad is not at all the priority for an Indian student. However, MBBS in Abroad happens to be a great option since the fees structure of MCI approved universities is at low cost which can be easily afforded by middle-class Indian family to fulfill their dreams. There are around 10,000 Indian students who enroll and get admission to MBBS Abroad every year in many different countries.
Furthermore, Indian Students nowadays are dreaming the experience to study MBBS abroad since the quality of education is exceptionally high.

In 2016, the system of MBBS admission to the government and private medical colleges is completely changed by the decision of Honorable Supreme Court of India. The government medical colleges admission will be through NEET – 1 Merits. The private medical colleges in India would be allowed to admit students on NEET – 2 merits. This has completely stopped the donation culture & Capitation fees prevailing till 2015. Hence, the Indian students aspiring to become doctor find it difficult to get a medical seat in India. As a result, There is the only option remaining– MBBS abroad.

From 2017 onward, the system would be smoother when the government and private medical colleges admissions will be strictly through merit through one entrance test – NEET. Once the results are announced for 12th standard boards in April / May every year and after the NEET in May, the student generally knows where he or she stands in the competition. Hence, this is the right time for the student to carve a Plan B for themselves. The biggest benefit of MBBS abroad is you can study in MBBS abroad college/university without any entrance as well as low costs to study!

In general, Indian students aspiring to become a medical practitioner must understand the 3 options lying in front of you right from the beginning.

MBBS Plan chart

While the first one is the best option but it is very difficult to get the admission to MCI approved government medical colleges in India, the second option is actually out of reach of most of the Indians since it costs Rs. 75 Lakh upward. Hence, the only option remaining is to study MBBS in abroad in a MCI approved university.

The best way to ensure that you take admission in this year itself is by reserving a medical seat for MBBS admission abroad in the month of May / June while continuing your try in Indian medical system. Hence, the first thing is to find out a good MBBS abroad consultant and not to go for an agent. Taking admission in MBBS abroad is definitely a confusing matter for many Indian students. This is due to many agents promoting wrong information to the Indian students trying to make money.

The students can study MBBS in abroad once the advantages and disadvantages are both clear to the Indian students. For example, around 20% of Indian students choose the MBBS in Philippines program. This is because they are not aware of the problem that thousands of students are facing. Though MEDQUESTT places the students to top medical colleges in Philippines, we ensure they are aware of the basic system clearly.


Your Budget (Rs)Suggested CountryMEDQUESTT Recommended University
14-18 LacsKyrgyzstanKyrgyzstan State Medical University
15-30 LacsRussia (A Grade)Irkutsk State Medical University
 Russia (A Grade)Dagestan State Medical University
20-30 LacsUkraineKharkiv National Medical University
20-30 LacsRussia (A Grade)Kursk State Medical University
70 Lakhs –1 Cr.IndiaIndian Private Medical Colleges


  • Tuition fees for the entire MBBS course
  • Hostel accommodation for the entire course
  • Food and Living cost through the course
  • Miscellaneous Costs including

We represent more than 30 Medical universities from various countries. However, these are TOP 5 Universities suggested on various parameters.

Road map to study MBBS in Abroad / overseas countries

There are 2 types with respect to MBBS course duration when you wish to study MBBS in abroad.

  • 5 Years abroad and Internship in India.
  • 6 Years abroad and Internship in India.

In case you choose the former 5 year program, you tend to save 1 year as well as around Rs. 4-5 Lakh since you do not need to pay the fees to your university for the 6th year. Generally 75% of the programs to study MBBS in abroad are with 6 years.

You must understand that once you complete the course of overseas MBBS in a MCI approved university, you need to complete 3 more steps.

  1. Clear MCI Screening Test / FMGE Exam.
  2. Complete 1 year of internship in India.
  3. Registration process with MCI as a medical practitioner.

On completion of this process, you are in a position to appear for AIPGMEE/NEET-PG (Entrance test for PG leading to MD / MS). Every student who completed the above steps after completion of MBBS abroad is entitled to appear for the PG in India program.

Benefits to study / admission in MBBS Abroad / Overseas MBBS

There are several benefits if you take admission to study MBBS abroad at low cost:

  • MCI approved medical colleges / universities.
  • The universities approved by MCI are the local government universities in respective countries.
  • No entrance exam. Admission based on 12th standard PCB marks.
  • Guaranteed and Direct admission system.
  • Absolutely no donation / capitation fees.
  • Very low cost starting from Rs. 1.35 Lakh per year right up to Rs. 5 Lakh of tuition fees.
  • Living cost in many countries almost matching that of Indian cost.
  • PG courses after MBBS abroad are also available with us for students studying MBBS in Europe.

However, the major disadvantage of choosing the MBBS abroad program till 2016 is that all the students need to clear FMGE Exam / MCI Screening Test conducted by NBE.

About MCI Screening Test

Students should clear this Exam after returning back to India. The results of these exams were pathetic and there are a huge lot of students who are not able to pass this exam after returning back. However, you must understand that it is because the students are not guided properly and not provided with the MCI screening Test coaching while they study abroad. MEDQUESTT provides this FMGE Screening Test exam coaching to all its students for MBBS study in abroad. Accordingly, it has 100% guarantee of passing all the students!

MCI Screening Test or FMGE Test is based on 19 subjects covered in MBBS in India course. Also, AIPGMEE/NEET_PG is based on the same 19 subjects. Accordingly, if the Indian students prepare for MCI screening Test for 6 years while studying MBBS abroad, they are able to crack the entrance test for MD / MS in India.

Download MBBS Abroad Curriculum here:


Check MCI Passing Ratio

Choice of countries for MBBS Abroad

There are many options to take and pursue admission MBBS in abroad for an Indian student at low cost.



There are more than 200 universities which MCI has approved to study abroad MBBS at low cost. More than 10,000 Indian students take admission MBBS study in abroad for Indian student at low cost and get into their passion career to fulfil their dreams!

Important Tips while taking admission to study MBBS in abroad.

  • Choose right education consultant to advice you for country and university selection.
  • Do not pay any consultancy service charges in advance (except for university application fees/Visa Application fees & Processing charges).
  • Plan your road map up to PG and not MBBS abroad!
  • You must take 6 years MCI coaching. You need to prepare for it while you are studying MBBS abroad at low cost.
  • While choosing university to study MBBS in abroad, choose “A” grade universities if budget allows.
  • Choose larger cities of the country, preferably Capital city in any country of destination to study MBBS in abroad at low cost.
  • Education loan.

Choose your MBBS Abroad consultant wisely after going through the differentiation below:

 MBBS Abroad ConsultantMBBS Admission Agent

MBBS Abroad Consultant

creates for you a complete career road map.
An agent would talk only about admission.
Education Consultant for MBBS in Abroad has visited the universities.An agent is just talking based on his experience.
Consultant arranging admission for MBBS Abroad would give multiple country options.An agent would push you for a specific university.
MBBS in Abroad Consultant has a wide information on website.An agent has a very unprofessional presence.
Consultant to study MBBS in Abroad would not take any advance.An agent would ask for an advance for his services.
Overseas MBBS Consultant may offer FMGE coaching.MBBS admission Agent will never offer this option.

Ensure that the selected overseas education consultant is reliable, neutral and has informative website!

Selection of Country to study MBBS Abroad

Now once you have finalized the best MBBS Abroad education consultant, it is time to decide, which country would suit you the most. There are many parameters for selection of the country such as:

  • Fix your budget to study MBBS in abroad at low cost.
  • Number of Indians in that country currently to study MBBS in abroad at low cost.
  • Weather conditions during winter.
  • Language learning requirements.
  • Do they conduct entire course in English or it is Bilingual.
  • Safety aspect while studying MBBS abroad for Indian students.
  • Cultural difference for the students.
  • Population in the city / nearby city for higher patients flow.
  • Living Cost in the country while studying MBBS in abroad for Indian students.

Selection of the University in Chosen country

The next crucial step is to choose the university to study MBBS abroad based on several factors.

  • Grade of the university.
  • Number of years of experience in teaching MBBS in English.
  • The size of the hospital affiliations (Number of hospital beds).
  • Library size and Canteens providing Indian food.
  • Tuition Fees of the university including hostel costs.
  • MCI screening coaching needs to be provided by your selected top and best MBBS Abroad consultant.
  • A number of Indian students at the campus.


 MBBS in Russia MBBS in KyrgyzstanMBBS in Ukraine
Fees2.20-5 L/year Fees1.5 -2 L/yearFees3 L/year
Duration6 YearsDuration6 yearsDuration6 years
Apply By31st JulApply By15th JulApply By10th Aug
 MBBS in Russia MBBS in Kyrgyzstan MBBS in Ukraine

Admission Process for MBBS abroad

The admission process becomes very simple once you go through reliable overseas education consultants. Once you submit the required documents, the process would be initiated immediately. One can reserve the seat prior to the 12thresults in case the consultant has booked the seats already with the university only on the basis of the application fees.

The admission letter however can be issued only on submission of following additional documents:

  • 12th Level results with eligibility matching as per the university.
  • Copy of the passport.

The student should never hand over the passport to the consultant before the admission letter has been issued. The next step is to get the Invitation from the Ministry of Education from that country and then apply for Visa.

Generally, MEDQUESTT arrange for the pick up at the destination and the landing arrangements such as drop to the university. The accommodation is pre-booked by MEDQUESTT so that the International Student Office at the university can directly hand over the dorm room keys to the student.

What is Pre-departure cost?

MEDQUESTT charges different costs for different countries also, you would always find it transparently mentioned in the form of Registration Form. Generally, following costs comes towards pre-departure component to be paid to MEDQUESTT, your best MBBS abroad education consultants in INDIA.

Cost ParameterApprox. AmountSchedule of Payment
University Application FeesUS$ 200-300On reserving the seat
Providing Counseling & AdmissionRs. 50K-100KOn receipt of admission letter
Providing Invitation letter & Visa ApplicationRs. 50K-100KOn receipt of invitation letter
Travel PackageRs. 65K – Rs. 75KOn Visa application
Under aged student (Below 18)Rs. 15KOn Visa application
Apostil, MEA stamp, NotaryRs. 25KOnly for Russia
FMGE On-Line portal examRs. 65K / YearOn subscribing it

Remember that the service tax is extra @ 15% (the currently applicable rate as on June, 2016) or GST after its amendment by Indian Government. Accordingly, depending on the country of application the total cost would vary between Rs. 175,000 to Rs. 300,000. These are pre-departure costs. This is apart from the first year fees payable directly to the overseas medical college / University.

Important facts to study MBBS in Abroad (FAQ)

1)  Which Countries and university in Abroad provides High quality of Education?

Country does not matter much. Choose the top quality university to study MBBS abroad in that country. They do not even bother to see if the university is top or not! For example, if you are looking for MBBS in abroad at low cost / fees structure / lowest fees, Kyrgyzstan is available. But Kyrgyzstan State Medical University provides high quality education. So within a given budget, you can select this university. India has IIT or IIM and it also offers low quality colleges. Where would you place India as a destination? Similarly, focus on your budget and the Grade of the University.

2) What is the Grade of the University offering MCI approved MBBS in Abroad options?

To study MBBS in abroad, you would need an experienced education consultant for MBBS abroad programs. We at MEDQUESTT, can guide you to place in the top university to study MBBS in abroad. The grades have many factors such as Student to faculty ratio, library size, English speaking capability of the teachers, investment on laboratory and equipment, hospital bed affiliations, Patients flow, number of years in teaching MBBS abroad programs etc. The eligibility for admission to top medical colleges abroad and the cost to study MBBS abroad would go high as you choose for higher grades.

3) Can I choose Georgia as my destination to study MBBS in Europe?

You can search on Google and you would be astonished. Georgia is not a part of European Union! The Indian agents try to lure the students by giving half information. Georgia was a part of former USSR (Now Russia) and is a very small country with total population of 5 Million! Around 500 Indian students went to Georgia in 2015. They were placed in 2 state and 4 private medical colleges in Georgia. Indian embassy has given clear advice not to choose private MBBS colleges in Georgia and Armenia but the students are still being placed. A small country with very small population like a town of India would hardly offer any patients. There are only 2 state medical colleges / universities in Georgia such as:

  • Tbilisi State Medical University
  • Batumi Shota Rustavelli University

Few of the private medical colleges such as David Tvidiani Medical University (DTMU) do not even have a proper campus to teach the Indian students. Although we can get you enrolled in DTMU, We are saying this because we should provide authentic information and basic system information to all students for their better future. Lack of proper infrastructure and a very small country also get so many Indian students due to promotion of these Universities by Agents & wrong information campaign by the Indian agents. These private medical colleges are hardly 20 to 25 years old having no experience in teaching.

It is better to go to top graded Russian university having large experience in medical teaching to study MBBS abroad.